ULTIMATE Cart Drawer is designed as developer friendly and it fires events for every step so that you can customise some of the functionalities to more advanced level. 

How to listen for an event?

window.addEventListener('Sellify::UCD::EVENT_NAME_HERE', function(e){
    // do your thing


  1. Initialized: This is very first event that is fired when app is ready to setup it's js/css/html.
  2.  NoteUpdated: When cart note is updated
  3. ItemAdded: When a new item is added to cart
  4. ItemChanged: When quantity of an item in cart is changed
  5. CartHidden: When cart drawer is hidden
  6. CartVisible: When cart drawer is visible
  7. CartBuilt: When cart drawer is built with the items in cart and other elements.
  8. CartLoaded: When cart drawer is opened with updated cart.
  9. UpsellsRendered: When upsell items are rendered and ready


window.addEventListener('Sellify::UCD::ItemAdded', function(e){
    alert(`${e.detail.line_item.title} is now added to your cart.`)

P.S. Every event provides different types of parameters. To check what params are passed, try to console log e.detail for each event.